Make this an Atomy Christmas

Atomy has such an incredible range of products that you and your loved ones will certainly appreciate this Christmas. Did you know that you can order items using your account and have them shipped directly to them? Simply log onto using your account and shop away then select their address as the shipping address. If you don’t have your free membership yet now is a great time to get one by clicking Join Atomy. This is also a great way to introduce them to Atomy. Be sure to give … Continue reading

Atomy Compensation Plan Changes

Atomy has one of the simplest compensation plans I’ve ever seen a Network Marketing company have. Now it has been made a little easier and gives people a few more options to advance. Multi-Matching bonus will be discontinued As of January 1st, 2016 the Multi-Matching bonus will be discontinued. This actually was more confusing than it was worth and I’m glad to see it go. In fact we never talked about it or promoted it for the 18 months we’ve been with Atomy. The rest of the changes went into … Continue reading

This Toothbrush Can Change Your Life

Yes it is true. This nano-gold anti-bacterial toothbrush from Atomy has changed many lives and it can change yours. Not only by giving you better gum and teeth health but by saving you money while over time providing for your financial future. I know people say that money doesn’t bring happiness. Well believe me when I say it sure does help. 🙂 Poverty certainly doesn’t bring happiness and with money you can enjoy life and help a lot more people. People like Mrs Lee who was a housewife in her … Continue reading

How to succeed with Atomy

Success with Atomy is just 2 simple steps: 1) Join Atomy. 2) Start buying and using Atomy products. There you go. You have now achieved “customer success” because you are successfully using high quality products at a great price. Only one more step for financial success 3) Duplicate yourself by telling others about Atomy and help them repeat these 3 steps. That is it! Simple, right? Atomy is very successful in Korea with the Korean people with sales of over $700 million last year. Even here in the USA many … Continue reading

Fukushima still spewing radiation into the pacific

People we need to keep our immune systems up. I’ve debated in telling people what we’ve been doing to protect ourselves this past year and half because it sounds like a shameless plug. But not telling people about why I’m involved with Atomy and use their products would be like a preacher not ministering because he is being supported by that ministry. So here it goes: In boosting our immune system we have been taking HemoHim since we became involved with Atomy. After Kathryn started using the skin care and … Continue reading

Review – Atomy Foam Cleanser over 600 washes

Every morning and night since Kathryn joined Atomy we have been using the Atomy Foam Cleanser to wash our face. I know it is highly concentrated and it foams up really good and rinses off so nice which is just a few reasons why I like it better than soap. A tube was lasting us for months and months and so finally the curiosity got the best of me one morning and I thought I would see how many face washings a person could get from one tube. I took … Continue reading

Phellinus Linteus Mushroom in many Atomy products

I just discovered another reason why Koreans and those in other Asian countries are going wild over Atomy products. It isn’t just the low prices or the possibility of earning money, but actually what is being included in their products. Go figure, right? In our seminars we talk about how the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) got together with Kolmar Korea to develop and market cutting edge quality products. We talk about their use of fresh organic herbs and how they came up with a way of extracting the … Continue reading

Review – Atomy Probiotics

Earlier I wrote this about Probiotics in general saying: You might not even realize this, but there is a battle going on in your body and most of it takes place in your gut. You have trillions of micro organisms living in your gut both good and bad. The question is who is winning in your body? Are you healthy and have a happy gut or are you finding yourself overweight, tired and sickly. There is just so much to say about the importance of a healthy gut flora it … Continue reading

Save Money, Make Money with Atomy

How would you like to save money on every day essential products including top quality herbal skin care and at the same time have the opportunity to make some money? Well with Atomy you can. Plus with Atomy there are no fees or monthly purchase requirements like other companies. You simply save on the products you buy when you want to buy them and you earn commission when people you share with also buy Atomy’s high quality, low cost products. So if you think you can buy and use products … Continue reading

Using Atomy to help survive the next economic crash

This website and all the articles including this one are written by me, Mike Potter. These are not the opinions of Atomy or anyone in the Atomy company. I just see that there is an economic crash about to take place in the USA and we are personally working like crazy to quickly build our Atomy network and help others do the same. If you’re not already an Atomy member yet I highly recommend you get your free membership today and use it to help protect yourself like what we … Continue reading