How to extend your Atomy membership

Atomy is free to join and the only requirement to keep your membership active after 12 months is to make one small purchase using your own membership ID. Then after the purchase you are good for another 12 months. If you’re being directed to this page from your sponsor or by an email maybe your Atomy membership is about to be terminated. If you need to double check and you’re in the USA simply click on: or the Atomy site in your country: Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, … Continue reading

Diet, Weight Control and Atomy Products

It’s never too late to get into shape. You might find yourself thinking you are in a hopeless spot in your life like I did mine. I went back and found a picture of me on July 20th, 2003 (left) I think I was around 220 lbs and one of me on March 21st, 2012 (right) at 160 lbs about to race up 69 flights of stairs in the Columbia tower in Seattle. At 42 I thought my life was basically over. I had very high cholesterol, constant back pain … Continue reading

Beware eBay and Amazon Scammers Selling Atomy

Definition of SCAMMER. a dishonest person who uses clever means to cheat others out of something of value. I really don’t like to see people being scammed, ripped off and taken advantage of and if you’re an Atomy member already you might get someone saying they can just buy products on eBay or Amazon. The bottom line is that those selling on eBay and Amazon have to buy the products at the same price as any other member. Then they just mark it up. Just look at this person on … Continue reading

Food & Skincare for Flawless Skin

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it reflects the food we eat and what we put on it. So if you want a healthy body with radiant looking skin then consider eating these beneficial foods that includes plenty of vegetables, fresh fruits, seeds, nuts and whole grains. Plus drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Drink organic green tea for the antioxidants. Use good oils like olive oil and coconut oil for essential fatty acids. Eat Walnuts which are rich in Omega3’s. Berries like blueberries, cranberries, … Continue reading

Atomy #1 in Value

Just look at all these companies: Amway, Nuskin, Melaleuca, Herbalife, Shaklee, Isagenix, Young Living, Nerium, Vemma, Seacret, Arbonne, Noevir, Youngevity, Organo just to name a few. Each one sells a unique product using the Network Marketing aka Direct Selling or Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM). Which means the members / consumers are also the advertising, marketing and sometimes the selling force for the company. Network Marketing is a huge world wide industry with over $167 billion dollars in sales each year with about $60 billion being paid out to the members that actively … Continue reading

Our Atomy Korea Tour 2015 Experience

Throughout the year Atomy invites members in a country Atomy is operating in for an all expenses paid (except airfare and $70 reservation fee. Of course this could change.) tour of the Atomy and Kolmar BNH operations in Korea. When we heard it was the USA’s turn last November we jumped at the opportunity and signed up right away. Our airfare from Seattle, Washington was $995 and that was all we had to pay for a full week in Korea. Atomy paid for everything else. They are such a wonderful … Continue reading

Product Highlight – The Amazing Atomy Hand Therapy

As an avid researcher I wanted to compare our hand cream to another companies and I was actually shocked once again in what I found. Atomy Hand Therapy comes in 4 different “Flavors”, Rose Water, Soft Poppy, Citrus Lemon and Shea Butter. No it isn’t that you eat them but if you look at the wonderful ingredients you kind of wish you could. 😉 For example the Rose Water contains: PHELLINUS LINTEUS EXTRACT, ARCTIUM LAPPA ROOT EXTRACT, PIPER METHYSTICUM LEAF/ROOT/STEM EXTRACT, PORTULACA OLERACEA EXTRACT, PUERARIA THUNBERGIANA ROOT EXTRACT, GLYCYRRHIZA GLABRA … Continue reading

Atomy Singapore is now open

Oh this is so exciting!!! Atomy is now open in Singapore! The url of Atomy Singapore is: This means that Atomy is now in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, USA and now Singapore! Singapore is a very prosperous country with over 5 million people and oh how they love Korean skin care products. Many travel to Seoul Korea every year just to go shopping to buy Atomy products. With Atomy you just need one membership id for the entire world and this allows you to diversify your income to … Continue reading

Your Atomy Masters leaders are now Sales Masters

It has been confirmed, your Atomy Masters group leaders Mike & Kathryn are now Sales Masters!!!! This is just so exciting! Thank you Atomy Masters group which is now 615 strong. Now it is your turn to be Sales Masters! Atomy is re-writing network marketing and bringing it back to where it should be where you get the absolute best quality at the absolute best price that gives amazing results. People sure do appreciate you a lot more when they see you are not out trying to take advantage of … Continue reading

How to sign up and order Atomy products

Congratulations on wanting Better Health, Better Skin and a Better Life. Atomy has a full line of top quality daily consumable items at the lowest possible price with an opportunity to earn a very good residual income by simply recommending others try Atomy products. Follow these steps to get started and order directly from Atomy: 1) Simply get your free Atomy membership from a current Atomy member or by clicking Join so we can get you a Sponsor ID and instructions on how to get your own Atomy membership ID. … Continue reading