Atomy is officially opening in Singapore March 6th – Sign up now!

Oh this is so exciting!!! Atomy is opening another country. Singapore! This means that Atomy is now in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, USA and now Singapore! Singapore is a very prosperous country with over 5 million people and oh how they love Korean skin care products. Many travel to Seoul Korea every year just to go shopping to buy Atomy products. I had the honor of visiting Singapore many years ago and just fell in love with it. The people are wonderful the place is very well kept and you … Continue reading

Reserve your spot for the Atomy One Day Success Academy

You are invited to the upcoming Atomy One Day Success Academy. Both Kathryn and I were so impressed with the one we went to last October that we wouldn’t miss this one. This is an all day event starting at 11am and ending at 9pm. They are serving lunch and dinner and they always give away products all for only $40. They don’t sell you stuff at these events because it is only to help you catch the company vision and help you see that those that are making $10, … Continue reading

New Products – Atomy Vitamin C, Alaska E-Omega 3 & 7 Solutions Gel Mask

Atomy has done it again! They have just released 3 amazing new products here in the USA. Again these are of the highest quality at the lowest possible price. Check them out and order them today. If you don’t have a free membership yet now is the time to get one and start using Atomy quality products for a healthy body and better skin. If you were sent here by a friend and they are Atomy members please get your membership through them so they can be your sponsor. Otherwise … Continue reading

Meeting Atomy CEO at the Seattle Atomy Success Academy

It was great meeting the CEO of Atomy, Mr. Han Gil Park at the Seattle Atomy Success Academy this October. Mr. Park really impressed all of us at the Academy. He has the goal of Atomy being the #1 supplier of consumable products around the world. Not only that but to do it with the highest quality products and at the most affordable price. This is what he means by the slogan: “Absolute Quality, Absolute Price” For example their Anti-bacterial toothbrush that is made with nano-gold technology are only $1.13 … Continue reading

The long awaited Atomy Travel Kits are HERE!

Great news!  The Atomy Travel Kits finally got FDA approval and are here in the USA! Now you can have the goodness of Atomy Skin Care products with you wherever you go! Atomy Cleansing Travel Kit Contains: Atomy Evening Care Deep Cleanser – 1.35oz / 40ml Atomy Evening Care Foam Cleanser – 1.35oz / 40ml Atomy Herbal Shampoo – 1.35oz / 40ml Atomy Herbal Hair Conditioner – 1.35oz / 40ml Atomy Herbal Body Cleanser – 1.35oz / 40ml Atomy Body Rich Lotion – 1.35oz / 40ml Price $13.50 2,700 PV.   … Continue reading

Gold bristle anti-bacterial toothbrush – Really?

I’m a researcher. When I hear claims about something that sounds too good to be true I’m the type that researches to find out if what is being said is true or not. Even if those claims come from my wife. 🙂 Last night as my wife was giving a presentation and I heard her say something about the Atomy toothbrush I never heard before. Now I was told these Atomy toothbrushes were anti-bacterial back in April when I started using mine but I really didn’t know why. I just … Continue reading

How to sign up someone for a Free Atomy Membership

Now that you are a member of Atomy it is bound to happen that others you know will want to join through you and get their free membership with all the benefits and income opportunity. The requirements for people signing up are: 1) They are fully aware of what they are signing them up for. 2) They are 18 years old or older. 3) They can’t be your spouse. Husband and Wife share the same membership. 4) They must be a citizen of one of the following countries Atomy is … Continue reading

New Atomy Product – Atomy Rose Rain Mist

Atomy just released a new product called Atomy Rose Rain Mist. This product combines the functions of a toner, essence and nutrition in one convenient spray. Sprays out into a fine mist, and fills up the dry and tired skin with lasting moisture. Natural rosewater refreshes your skin. No Benzophenone, artificial color, artificial scent, sulfate-surfactant, acrylamide, or mineral oil added. Atomy Rose Rain Mist is selling fast so be sure to place an order on Atomy’s website today. The pricing is fantastic with your Atomy membership. It is only $12 … Continue reading

Atomy skin care gives amazing results

Kathryn on the right has been using the Atomy Evening care 4 set and the Atomy Morning care 6 set since April 2014 with amazing results. It is always fun to go to one of her facial parties or when she has one at the house and hear the ladies tell each other how good their faces feel and look now. The other day we had over 20 people at our local Atomy training center with a birthday/facial party. The first thing was that each of the ladies got a … Continue reading