Atomy Philippines Joining Instructions and Tips

atomyphilippinesopenThe long awaited opening of Atomy Philippines is here!

You can now register and start buying products on the Atomy Philippines website.

Atomy is free to join, requires no monthly purchases and has low prices.  If you’re in a country that is open to Atomy then getting an Atomy account with buying and using Atomy products just makes sense.


How the Atomy system works:

Atomy is a binary system with 2 groups.  You have a left group and a right group.  When a person joins they are first added to the left side of the sponsor id and then the next person using the same sponsor id is added to the right.

The best placement strategy is using a powerline.  For an illustration click here.  This is where people are added one after another on your left side and when you add a person on your right they are added down the left side of that person.  This way everyone is responsible to build their own right side.

Points and making money:

atomy multi-packAtomy is mainly for customer success which means Atomy rewards the consumers with top quality, low priced items with no joining fee or start up kits with the opportunity to earn money over time.  This could mean that it can take longer for a person to earn money with Atomy if that is their goal.  So don’t go crazy and buy up just to try to make more money.  You can actually end up losing money by doing that.

We have people here in the USA that think that having a title of Sales Master or Diamond Master is so important to have that they buy $1,000’s of dollars of products to get the needed PV.  Then they get their $350 USD or so bonus for the 2 weeks and then go back to their previous status but technically they still keep the coveted title but without any more bonus money until they work up the volume each 2 weeks.  So silly and can be very costly.

Personally it is my experience over the last 3 years to do Atomy naturally as a consumer.  For example you buy products you personally use for personal PV accumulation.  Then you tell others and after they join they buy products and this puts PV under you.

Atomy will start keeping track of PV under you when you have personally purchased and accumulated 10,000 PV or more.  Your first order should be 10,000 or more PV.  This could be ₱ 1,250 for the Evening care 4 set.  This is around $25 USD.

At 10,000 to 299,999 Personal PV you earn about ₱ 1,100 ($22 USD) when you have 300,000 PV on each side.   Once you accumulate 300,000 Personal PV or you totaled 600,000 PV on your lessor leg in the previous month you will make about ₱ 3,300 ($67 USD when you get 300,000 PV on each side.

Be sure to balance your 2 sides because after you get 300,000 PV on your lessor leg you trigger a payment and both sides flush to zero PV and you start over for the next day.  Your Personal PV always accumulates as long as your account doesn’t expire.

For example if you build down your left leg and you get 2 million PV and then start working on your right.  Once you reach 300,000 PV on your right you will get paid and all the points on your left and right clear to zero and you just wasted 1.7 million points on your left.

The nice thing is that Atomy is an unlimited downline meaning you can add members below you from any country Atomy is in and accumulate PV.

Remember, Atomy products are of very high quality and low price.  If you add people on your right side you could find that you make enough money to pay for the products you use and over time you find that you have 1,000’s of people under you and you’re getting PV from those that purchase.

For the Atomy compensation plan see:

Also see the Opportunity page.

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16 Responses to Atomy Philippines Joining Instructions and Tips

  1. Rose says:

    Why do they only ask for tin id.. Why cant we give other valid id’s like passport etc. because other people have tin number but they dont have tin id card..

    • MikeMike says:

      I think it is because for the MLM license they need to get this info. People can always just put any # down if they didn’t ask for the TIN Card. They also take a BIR certificate.

  2. nova uri says:

    I really love korean products,help me how to join

  3. estelita chan agobiada says:

    How can i know someone registered as my downlines?

  4. estelita chan agobiada says:

    I want to.learn more how to earn without purchasing atomy products

  5. Clang eddio says:

    Are my commissions given as checks or will it be deposited on my personal bank account or is there a certain bank that i will be required to open an account with?

  6. Clang eddio says:

    By the way, can a BDO Kabayan account be alright? Because I am here overseas so I can only open a BDO Kabayan account.

  7. Clang eddio says:

    Thank you sir for your help.

  8. Gynevill says:

    Hello, I am a new US member. How does one invite family member from the PI?

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