How to sign up and order Atomy products

Atomy ProductsCongratulations on wanting Better Health, Better Skin and a Better Life. Atomy has a full line of top quality daily consumable items at the lowest possible price with an opportunity to earn a very good residual income by simply recommending others try Atomy products.

Follow these steps to get started and order directly from Atomy:

1) Simply get your free Atomy membership from a current Atomy member or by clicking Join so we can get you a Sponsor ID and instructions on how to get your own Atomy membership ID. (There is no cost for membership or any required products to purchase. You just buy what you want, when you want at the member price.)

2) Once you have your Atomy membership ID go to the Atomy site for your country: USA, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Philippines or Malaysia and click on Shopping Mall.

3) On the top of the Atomy screen you will see the product categories like HemoHim, Health Care, Beauty, Personal Care, Home Care, Food. Now click on one of these categories.

For example: If you click on HemoHim you will see the HemoHim product in 4 set, 3 set, 2 set and 1 set prices. The 4 set means 4 boxes and the price is the total of those 4 boxes at a highly discounted price for each one.

Tip: To get the best pricing be sure to always buy 4 sets instead of multiple 1 sets. For example if you buy the HemoHim 4 set the total is $352 which is only $88 for each box. If you bought 4 x 1 set then the total cost is $636 for the same 4 boxes. I always buy the 4 sets and then either use it ourselves or sell them at the 1 or 2 set price to others.  As of July 2016 in the USA and Canada all products except for HemoHim are sold at the lowest 4 set price.

Tip: If you only want to see the items in the 4 set price then click on the Exclusive Distributor link above the product listing. Agent means to show only items in a single quantity. Special Agent means 2 sets and Dealer means 3 sets.

You get free shipping in the USA for orders over $150. Products ordered in the USA are shipped from either Kent, Washington or New Jersey depending on where they are shipping to.

4) Simply click Add to add items to your Shopping cart. Once you are finished press Order at the bottom right.

5) On the Fill out your order form the Date of purchase is only important to change if you are doing the business and you need to time your purchase to maximize your commission. Now complete the form and press Continue.

6) Complete the payment information, press Pay Now and you’re good to go.



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6 Responses to How to sign up and order Atomy products

  1. Max says:

    How do I order hemohim

    • Mike PotterMike Potter says:

      Hi Max, to get the best price on the products you need to get your free membership id by following the steps in this post above.

  2. Ana karenina Engcol says:

    I want to join but I’m from the Philippines

  3. Coco says:

    Hi, how about Malaysia ? Landing in anytime ?

    • MikeMike says:

      They are still waiting on the license from the government. Word is some group had a large meeting there with over a thousand in attendance which was done illegally and Atomy is doing damage control.

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