Atomy skin care gives amazing results

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Before and after 90 days – Click to enlarge

Kathryn on the right has been using the Atomy Evening care 4 set and the Atomy Morning care 6 set since April 2014 with amazing results.

It is always fun to go to one of her facial parties or when she has one at the house and hear the ladies tell each other how good their faces feel and look now.

The other day we had over 20 people at our local Atomy training center with a birthday/facial party. The first thing was that each of the ladies got a dab of Atomy propolis toothpaste with their very own Atomy anti-bacterial toothbrush and headed off to the restroom. When they came back they were in awe of the freshness and how clean their teeth felt and looked. I then gave my story of putting just a dab on a cold sore before bed and how it healed in an amazing 2 days instead of the normal over 10 days. Yes that is true. I was amazed.

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Before and after 90 days – Click to enlarge

Then came the facial time and with mirrors in front of them the leaders started the demonstration going over every product.

First comes evening care 4 set with the deep cleanser, then the foam wash. You can already hear the great comments. The peel was next and then came the “ewe’s” as they rubbed off their dead skin cells while massaging their faces. The mask comes next and it goes on and after drying comes off so nice.

The 6 set is next with the Toner, Eye cream, Essence, Lotion, Nutrition Anti-aging cream and most didn’t use the BB cream since it has sunscreen and it was evening.

Hearing the “Ooooo… Wow… Oh my… My skin feels so good now… it just glows”. Well they really did look really good. People are amazed that they really don’t need to wear foundation or makeup anymore. They look great all natural after Atomy works wonders in cleaning, moisturizing and stuff.


Before and after 90 days – Click to enlarge

Of course we had cake and celebrated a birthday but before they left they purchased toothpaste, bought boxes and boxes of skin care products and just about cleaned out our centers shelves. What a great night and amazing products. Since the products don’t have any fragrance I actually use the Foam cleanser, Toner and Essence everyday myself. And of course Kathryn gives me a full facial about once a week.

If you want to try out Atomy skin care for yourself simply click on Sign up and get your FREE membership. Then you can buy the products directly from Atomy’s website and get wholesale pricing.

See the Evening 4 set demonstration:

Click here to see the Morning 6 set demonstration.

Thanks Atomy. 🙂

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46 Responses to Atomy skin care gives amazing results

  1. Robbin L says:

    I just received my Atomy 4 & 6 set last week and love them! The foam cleanser and the mask are great and I can’t believe the price of these products.

  2. bernard mdakane says:

    I want to have a smooth and spotless face. I have tried many products but it never worked for me, I serious need your help

  3. lynn says:

    Where can I get the product? I’m in California. Thank you.

  4. Kristen says:

    This looks amazing I should find this product I can tell it would help me

    • MikeMike says:

      Well you have found it. 🙂 Just click on the Sign Up tab and I can get you a free account so you can order directly from the company.

  5. Deb Mallicoat says:

    Awesome. Product would love to have this at all times to use.

  6. lyana says:

    is this product suitable for dry skin..? i have a problem with a pigmentation, pores and dry skin..
    what kind of product suitable for me..? do i need to take a set or how..?

    please respon me asap ..tq

  7. michelle stewart says:

    Can I get all the steps and info for both sets sent to me in English please. I bought them from a co-workers friend and can’t read the info that came with them.

  8. Maria Pham says:

    Hi There,
    I often use the product Atomy Evening Care 4 Set on daily basis. Now the production is nearly empty.

    I ordered the Atomy Evening Care 4 Set $43 AND Shipping $12 total is $55 on 1/2/2016 from Atomy Australia with website:

    There are 5 steps to order. I am going thought 4 steps OK but not OK with the last step 5 for payment.
    The error message is “No payment Modules have been installed”

    I did email to 2 or 4 times on 1/2/2016 and get feedback message from them “We will answer as soon as possible.” but I have not heard anything back.
    Please help me to order this production ASAP as I will be run out this product tomorrow. Regards, Maria

    • MikeMike says:

      Hi Maria, I’m sorry to say but that website is not an official Atomy website. I don’t know if they are scammers and just trying to take advantage of Atomy not in the country yet. If that site doesn’t come through your option to getting products is from Singapore or Korea. I could have one of our Korean members get in touch with you if you like. But there is no way you can be a member yet unless you have ID in one of the open countries.

  9. Angelica says:

    What can i used for my face i have acne hope this product is the one im looking for.

  10. Lisa Kimsey says:

    I just bought a travel pack. please advice when to apply, atomy essence, lotion and nutrition cream. before, after, day, night? A little more information, please

  11. Genet says:

    Hi I bought lotion Essenes nutrition and eye cream do I use them day and night I got confuse because they told me day and night.

  12. Genet says:

    Ya my skin has a lots of dark spot big one both my side so it is safe day and night which one is best for the dark spot I really have problem with my face please be specific thanks for your time.

  13. Genet says:

    Thanks I aperciate that it is good to know.

  14. Lala says:

    Is this product good for acne scars, discoloration? what product should i use? thanks!

  15. Meldy says:

    Is it safe to buy atomy products at Amazon , how can I make sure it’s original

    • MikeMike says:

      Now that you can get it for lower as a member I certainly don’t recommend it. You don’t know if the product has expired or is even like you said original.

  16. Grace says:

    Hi. I’m from Malaysia. I’m 27 and my skin is more to combination skin and a little acne prone. Little fine lines slowly appearing below my eye now. I wear light make up during the day. Can both the Evening Care 4 set and Morning Care 6 set suitable for my skin? My skin will easily break out if the product is too rich for my skin. For my understanding, Atomy skin care is catered more to aging and dry skin.

    • MikeMike says:

      Yes the Morning Care 6 set might not be the best choice for you. The 4 set is fine and I would recommend either the AC or Calming Care but that isn’t available in Malaysia yet so the Aqua 3 set would be the next best. Right now though there is a backlog of orders so nothing is really in stock. More is coming though along with more products.

  17. Jacquelyn b says:

    May I know aqua 3 set is for day or night use?

  18. Cielo says:

    Hi my daughter who is 14 has pimples mostly on her forehead. What products safe and appropriate for her age to help with her skin problem area??? Can she use it daily? Thanks

  19. Mialyn Ong says:

    I have a big problem for my face, specially of my nose.. yes my face and nose have a dark color because of my FRECKLES/MELASMA … please help me what kind of product can I use?

    • MikeMike says:

      The Evening care set especially the Peeling Gel and Mask. If you don’t need the deep cleanser for make up you can just buy the Foam Cleanser, Peeling Gel and Peel off mask separately. Wear the mask overnight and check your results. The Calming Care set it very good too. The BB Cream does have sunscreen so you can use that in the morning but very little and it is a concealer.

  20. darwin says:

    where is your office here in south korea and how can i order? Thank you

  21. Fabíola says:

    Hi! My skin is mixed. Which product would recommend me. I have spots, age signs in the eye area. I’m 40 years old. Thanks.

    • MikeMike says:

      The Skin Care 6 System. Just be sure to be light with the products. The Evening 4 set is the cleansing set and is also highly recommended. If you don’t wear makeup then you don’t need the deep cleanser and you can buy the Foam Cleanser, Peeling Gel, Peeling Mask separately since there is no price break with set.

  22. Louise says:

    Can I use the eye cream and moisturizing cream after using the evening care products

  23. Adam says:

    Hi…. my skin is sensitive and oily … i also have spots and pores .. which product is suitable for me….i’ve also bought evening care … whether the peeling gel and peel off pack can be used every day…tq

    • MikeMike says:

      The Calming Care set would be good. Use the Peeling Gel only weekly or every 2 weeks. The Peel off pack can be used as often as you like. It can even be worn overnight.

  24. Sw says:

    Hi, I’m from Malaysia. Which set will suit my very sensitive combination skin. I have tried so many products but it won’t work for my sensitive skin. Now I’m 43 yrs olds. Tq

  25. Jina Uba says:

    Hi I have a problem with my face which has some dark spots caused by pimples. And I have some pimples on and off my face. What would you recommend me to use? Thank you in advance.

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