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My testimony about HemoHim Plus

HemoHimThere are so many Atomy testimonies about the wonderful results people have experienced after using HemoHim.  Let me start by giving my own testimony with HemoHim+

The reason I’m so passionate about Atomy and their products is because of what I’m seeing and experiencing in not just me but many others.

I was suffering for over 15 years with lower back pain. My back would go out and start to spasm about every 6 months and I would need about 5 days just to be able to walk again.

6 years ago I went on pain medication just to be able to manage to walk up right again and keep my back from going out.  That worked somewhat and was able to get in shape but I knew it was just masking the problem.  I tried so many other solutions like chiropractic, natural pills, supplements and nothing else worked.

I started taking HemoHim Plus from Atomy in April, 2014. One packet in the morning and one at night. 3 weeks after doing that I noticed that my back wasn’t sore in the morning so on May 4th I stopped taking any medication and my back feels great! Finally! The body is amazing at healing itself if we just give it a fighting chance.

This is why I’m so passionate about Atomy. My wife and I use many of their products like the skincare and toothpaste. I love the price too. Give it a try. Membership is free. There is no risk. They even have a 100% product return guarantee.

Mike Potter

Kathryn’s Testimony about Atomy Skin Care

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I have been using Atomy skin care 6-system & 4-system cleansing set for only 2 months and I absolutely loved it. Especially the BB cream, I call it the wonder cream. I have been looking for a brightening cream for some time to lighten the dark spots on my face & the BB cream did the trick. The dark spots near my eyebrow are gone, near my upper lip and cheeks have almost cleared up. My husband even noticed the difference & complimented the smooth texture & glow on my skin.

My Fight With Lymphoma – A Survivor by Dr. Tang

Francisco Tang

My Fight With Lymphoma

This blog chronicles Dr. Tang’s amazing story about how he survived Lymphoma and how HemoHim helped.  Read about it here:


Jane gives her testimony about HemoHim+

A Sharon Rose Master shares his success story

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19 Responses to Atomy Testimonies

  1. Kathryn says:

    Like many people, whenever I wash my hair, my hair falls quite a bit. I was concerned until I knew about Atomy Medicated Herbal Haircare line. I started using the complete set & in just short 3 weeks after using Atomy’s Herbal Shampoo, my hair stopped falling. At the same time, I started using the Hair Conditioner & Hair Tonic. My hair felt very soft & silky. My gym friends even commented the shine on my hair. My new hair is much stronger & healthier too. From a lifeless falling hair, my long hair now has bounce & shine once again. Thank you Atomy for giving me back my long beautiful, healthy & shiny hair which has gotten me many compliments.

  2. Chuck says:

    Incredibly comprehensive and user friendly website! Can’t wait to try the products!

  3. Jocelyn Bacungan Bautista says:

    I love the shampoo! I admired Kathryn Wilson`s shiny glowing hair and I now use it. People have noticed, commented and have asked to touch my hair to see if its real!

  4. sisilia haryanto says:

    first time i bought atomy sunscreen and peel off mask for tester, i love it so much because sunscreen not sticky on my face , i didn’t feel like use a mask, no itchy or oily after used in half day , peel off mask make my face more fresh and light
    after one month tester, i bought 1 set skin care 6 system and evening 4 , i used so many kind of skin care all made me uncomfortable, but atomy skin care made my skin neutral (not oily and some part not dry again) , i love atomy skin care so much
    and i introduce to my friends and family, they got the good result after used atomy, i’m so happy when they satisfied.

  5. MikeMike says:

    So yesterday I had my 6 months dental cleaning and the hygienist actually said “wow your teeth are in really great shape” and asked what I was doing different. I said Atomy toothpaste and toothbrush and I brought a set with me for the dentist to evaluate. When the dentist came in he was like “look at your previous pictures and the difference they are in now. What a difference! That stuff must be working” he said. He looked at the brush and said what he likes is that it has soft and thin bristles and he never heard of an antibacterial toothbrush before. I also happen to bring the catalog and they were really impressed at the range of products. The hygienist said she normally pays $4 for her toothbrushes and she thought that $1.13 was incredible. Oh yes we will go back to take their order.

  6. Linda Smith says:

    I have had amazing results with the Atomy Skincare line. Within weeks, I could see a noticeable difference on my cheeks & neckline. The deep crease wrinkle on my cheeks had dramatically reduced & around my neck. I can not say enough about these products!! I love them!! Atomy offers a very high quality product for a very affordable price.

  7. rita says:

    Atomy is a wonderful company with great products. I have bone on bone arthritis in my knees. I could not walk up or down stairs. After using HEMOHIM for three weeks I am now able to squat and take the stairs without much pain. It is a fantastic product

  8. Susan Shivers says:

    The first Atomy product I tried was the Propolis toothpaste. Each time I brush my teeth they feel so clean it’s as if I just had my teeth cleaned at the dentist. That was my first impression and it still holds true today.

    I went for a dental check-up after using the toothpaste for 1 week. The hygienist told me that I had no plaque on my teeth. Let me tell you that this was a FIRST!! I was thrilled. It is only because of this great toothpaste. It is a natural sealant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tarter and anti-plaque.

    I also used to have a problem with my teeth being sensitive to cold water when my mouth was rinsed by the dental hygienist and my gum would bleed when flossing near a crown. However, since I have been using this toothpaste I know longer have those problems. This water soluble toothpaste and all other Atomy products are concentrated, so you only need to apply a pea size of toothpaste on your brush.

    The toothbrushes are the absolute best as well. I quit using my electric toothbrush and only use Atomy toothbrushes. The bristles have nano-gold technology which prohibits 99.9% bacteria, super slim and soft bristles to reach between teeth and clean gums like no other. Excellent products that are very affordable.

  9. Patti says:

    I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first, because these products were coming from Korea! After trying them though, I a a believer of quality and results!
    I started with the toothpaste because I had sensitive teeth, and they never seemed clean, even after I brushed them. I love Atomy TOOTHBRUSH and TOOTHPASTE! Sensitivity is gone and I love the feeling of a clean mouth!
    I have always been particular with hair products! Always trying suggestions from my hair dresser and others. I have thrown away a lot of barely used bottles and tubes! I finally started using Atomy SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER! I was excited to find I quit loosing hair down the drain, my hair felt really clean and the conditioner was light enough to not weight down my fine hair…my hair is clean and shiny!

  10. valerie hight says:

    I love the Bebe cream. It covers the redness in my face better than base makup. It is not thick and oily like base makeup. I do not feel like l am wearing makup. It even covered my fine wrinkles. I love how my face glows after applying it. It contains sun screen so I do not have to remember to put any on.

  11. valerie hight says:

    My gums stopped bleeding after using Àtomy toothpaste an
    toothbrush. The brush is so soft. It felt like just left the dentist when I first started using them. I love the clean feeling. I really has whitened my teeth.

  12. Hyun-Tae says:

    I suffered from chronic gastritis, tinnitus, chronic rhinitis, and neurasthenia. My health was not good. But with HemoHIM, it steadily improved. I’ve been taking it for about one year now, and now my neurasthenia, gastritis, and chronic rhinitis are gone for sure.

  13. Moe says:

    STOPPED MY FOOD CRAVINGS, My mom swore by this product and talked about how excellent it was for the blood and cancer. I said i don’t have cancer but i am anemic. It said to take 2xs of the day but the taste was terrible so i could only stomach this stuff once. It taste like a bad version of v8. No one ever talks about the taste of this stuff. I decided to give it a try and i did notice something. I always struggled with my weight; not because i didn’t work out but i had strong food cravings. I would eat when I wasn’t even hungry. I started taking the product not for energy or anything but only to give it a try for a couple of days and say that ” it did not work”. After the 2nd day, I had almost no food cravings and no desire to eat junk food. I was actually eating to live and not living to eat. I honestly felt that i did not want to eat anything that i saw someone else eating. I’m assuming it was a chemical imbalance in my system and hemohim helped. 😉

    If this is all i need to take away my food cravings, it’s worth it and cheaper than most things that i have bought. With hemohim, eating better and working out i feel i can get back to a healthier size faster. I didn’t see any reviews about this and i am not saying that it can help other people this way but it did help me. I gave it 4 stars because it did give me constipation. So i needed to take a laxative tea after a few days. I also have to eat more fruits and vegetables. Also it taste terrible. 🙁

    James D. Farrell says:
    Thanks for the review. The taste isn’t bad at all. But if it bothers you, just use a water or juice chaser. Regarding the constipation, try the Atomy product called “pro-biotic”. It works great and keeps you regular like a clock. 😉

  14. I P says:

    I was always getting sick and also dealing with a horrible back pain at the same time.

    I’m such a fan of this product. My acupuncture doctor presented it to me because my immune system was really low. I was always getting sick and also dealing with a horrible back pain at the same time. I’m not into prescription pills, so I decided to try this product. After my second month taking it, I was able to see a big difference with my health. I escaped the flu season this year, my sleeping is better and haven’t gotten sick again. 😉

  15. Charles says:

    My asthma got better with Hemohim.
    It’s now sold in Canada as NHP (Natural Health Product) for a lot less price now and I don’t need to order from Amazon anymore. I used to be a life-long asthma patient who spent at least a month in the hospital for my severity. After around 2 weeks of taking 4 a day, my asthma got better. I mean, the phlegm just kept coming out (it was gross!) I don’t go to my doc anymore. I recommended to my friend who suffered from high blood sugar/pressure and he got better, too. I drink this when I have to go for a long haul without much sleep because it gives me energy and I am usually the only person in my unit who skipped the flu. I realize strengthening your body on a cell level means to increase the capacity to be better and do more. This product surely does that. But sadly, I order from the company directly for much less price, not here anymore. 😉

  16. Terri Kimon says:

    My two cents with Hemohim.
    Natural herbs will naturally accumulate “heavy metals” from soil, and thus cancer patients are advised to stay away from such natural remedies.
    However, because Hemohim is intentionally modified for purification purposes, it is considered safe enough for even a cancer patient to intake. The same company makes a cosmetics line which also leverages this technology, where I’ve seen amazing results. I heard that the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, kind of stumbled upon this technology and they are commercializing it by spinning this off to a company called Atomy.
    My mom had a cyst in her womb that the doctor wanted to continue to observe, but she religiously took Hemohim and at her next doctor’s visit, the doctor was surprised to see the cyst had significantly reduced in size and asked her what happened. She now is an avid believer in this product, and she has me converted as well.

  17. nzomatrixon says:

    Does help with excessive sweating….
    Someone who was taking this mentions that it helps with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) so I have been taking this twice a day. The taste is bad as it taste like a bunch of herbs made into a paste gel. It has helped with my sweating hands and feet although has not cure it. I will continue taking this and see how things go. 😉

  18. V. Lomayevon says:

    Hemohim increases stamina and physical energy. Noticed it when I was in the gym working out.

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