Placement of New Atomy Members for Success

Atomy is meant to be really simple in that once you become a member you tell 2 people and they use your membership id and guest password to join.  The first person is added to your left side and the next person goes on your right side.  Then they each give out their membership id and guest password to their 2 people and one goes on their left and one on their right and so on.  Then as people buy products, points are counted under you and you can receive commissions and bonuses over time.

But for those that catch the vision and see the huge opportunity then learning the best strategy for placing new people is really important.

The most important point about placement is to place those that know each other under each other and not on competing legs.  For example don’t place your son on your left and daughter on your right.  Put them under each other on your left or right sides.  If you sign people up from work, put them all under each other and don’t mix them on different lines.  For example put people from work on your left side while you put people from the gym on your right power leg.

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